The Linnaeus Model

Collect your thoughts. Meet a new kind of notebook designed around interchangeable content to aid in your productivity.


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Our Inspiration

People think differently, often evolving personalized systems for creating, collecting, and processing information. The Remarker Notebook provides a platform to evolve these systems in a simple way by providing a place to write, store, and flexibly organize.

Use it for:

  • Note: We use the index card to replace the traditional page. The pocket configuration serves to both hold a note card in place to be viewed or written upon while also creating a storage space behind the front flap of the pocket. Pull a card out and slide it between the pocket and elastic to quickly draw or write.
  • Store: Store index cards, coupons, and other flat items. Divide your pocket into sections by using dividers. Control chronology by using a method, such as always adding newest cards to the front (newest to oldest) or to the back (reverse chronology). The pocket elastic secures content from easily falling out. There is a space for a pen along the spine.
  • Move: Notes can be pulled out for easy visualization and other information processing activities. Shuffle, reorder, filter, sort, prioritize, archive and spread out the information. Organize things according to how frequently items are used, how related items are, or how important an item may be. Recycle notes you do not want.
  • Adapt: Cards can be data friendly. Take pictures or scan for archiving, OCR, and other forms of electronic consumption. Cards can be people friendly as well. Share notes with other people. Add or remove cards to control how thick or thin you want your book to be. Create or use custom card designs to better format information according to your needs.

Some Use Cases

  • + Manage schedules
  • + Plan and organize
  • + Manage todo lists
  • + Share contact information
  • + Collect receipts
  • + Design
  • + Manage coupons
  • + Capture client information
  • + Draw and sketch
  • + Write notes
  • + Memorize
  • + Jot
  • + Dump ideas
  • + Visualize
  • + Keep records
  • + Compose music
  • + Compose stories
  • + Capture inspirations
  • + Share ideas
  • + Braininstorm
  • + Research
  • + Memorize
  • + Diagram
  • + Gamify
  • + Manage projects
  • + Manage recipes